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Quality swing ride for sale cheap in Beston group! Swing ride is considered a variation of carousel ride, with chairs hanging on chains from the top of carousel. With this essential definition, there are many different kinds of swing rides across the globe. Accordingly, there are many names available for swing ride, such as chair swing, flying chair swing, swing carousel, wave swingers, yo-yo swing, swinger, chair-o-plane, and swing tower. And swing ride is so popular that you can find one in almost all theme and amusement parks all over the world. With beautiful designs, exhilarating riding experience, swing ride is a valuable investment for your amusement park rides business. And with customization, Beston swing rides are suitable for both indoor and outdoor, malls and playgrounds, theme and amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and so on. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of swing ride, you can never go wrong with Beston group. For we offer various swing rides with high quality as well as cheap prices.

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Carnival Swing Ride for Sale

Carnival swing ride for sale in Beston group! Carnival swing ride is also called flying swing ride, chair swing ride, swing carousel, and so on. As a variation of carousel, chair swing ride has also won the recognition of kids ...
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Chair O Plane for Sale

Chair o plane for sale cheap in Beston group. Chair o plane is just another name of chair swing ride, with revolving wheel and suspended chairs. Just look at how chair swing ride works, you will know how proper the ...
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Wave Swinger for Sale

Premium wave swinger for sale in Beston group. Wave swinger is also called swinger, swing carousel, luxury swing ride, etc. Usually, wave swingers turn out to be grand for their complex structures as well as high capacity. As a result, ...
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Flying Chair Swing Ride for Sale

Customized flying chair swing ride for sale in Beston group. Flying chair swing ride is also called flying chair and flying swing ride. And this name is absolutely suitable for the ride features chairs as passenger seats, and their chairs ...
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Amusement Park Swing Ride for Sale

Amusement Park Swing Ride for Sale

Various amusement park swing ride for sale in Beston. As classic fairground rides, swing rides are often found in theme and amusement parks, family entertainment centers and so on. And for their high popularity, amusement park swing rides can often ...
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Kids Swing Chair Rides for Sale

Kids swing chair rides for sale cheap in Beston group! Kids love riding swing rides, and you can tell that from the smiles on their faces. Maybe the forces of swing rides give children the sensation that they were flying ...
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Swing Tower Ride for Sale

Quality swing tower ride for sale cheap in Beston group. Swing tower ride is also called flying swing tower ride, chair swing tower ride. Of course, in different theme parks, swing tower rides are called in different ways to fit ...
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Watermelon Flying Chair Ride for Sale

Watermelon flying chair ride for sale cheap in Beston. Watermelon flying chair ride, also known as fruit flying chair ride, is a popular kids swing ride with novel designs. The minute you see the ride, you will know immediately why ...
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How Flying Chair Swing Ride Works

To explain this question, let’s come to the outer appearances first. Swing ride is often consisted of a central column with a metal top. For rotating swing ride, there are often chairs that are attached to its metal top structure. And usually each chair is suspended with four chains. To make the spinning swing ride work, there is power system. And swing ride is often powered by one or more motors that make the ride spin around the central axis. While at the same time the chairs will move in a circle with moderate speed. Of course, for some complicated swing ride, such as swing carousel, there are more complicated power systems. For spinning swing carousel, its top can tilt while move around. In fact, except for several motors, there is a hydraulic system that makes the raising and tilting of the swing carousel possible. What’s more, except for the power system and the hydraulic system, there is also control system in swing ride. And it is the combination work of power system, hydraulic system and control system that make the exhilarating riding experience on swing rides possible.

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Chair Swing Ride Physics

  • Swing carousel ride forces: When it comes to physics, it is necessary to talk about forces. As for chair swing ride, there are many forces that give rides extraordinary thrilling experience. For example, there are tension of the chain, the weight of riders, centripetal force and velocity acceleration in circular motion.
  • Swing ride speed: if you look at the speed of rotating flying chair ride, you can figure out that the swing ride moves in constant speed. But in fact, the spinning swing ride is accelerating in circular motion. It is known that acceleration is a change in speed, but in circular motion it is the change of directions that make acceleration possible while the speed stays constant. And it is called centripetal acceleration.
  • Centripetal force: theoretically speaking, the centripetal force pull riders towards the center of the swing ride. However, the fact is that riders on swing ride feel themselves be pulling to the outer portion of the circle. How this flying sensation happens? As usual, it is the physics of swing ride that do the magic. It turns out the combination of forces or the fight between forces like centripetal force, the circular motion, the weight of riders make riders feel a lift and motion towards the outer portion of the circle.

All in all, due to the physics of swing rides, riders can enjoy a thrilling save ride on swingers in circular motion.

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The History of Rotating Swing Rides

As for the history of rotating swing rides, it seems that there are different opinions. In one article about swing carousel, it claimed that swing rides were the early version of carousel rides. First appeared in ancient Byzantium, spinning swing rides at that time came with basket and ropes. And then at later time, carousels were made. But there is a more popular theory about the history of swing ride. Swing rides are variations of carousel rides, and in other words, flying chair rides are invented from the inspiration of carousel rides. So it seems that there is no exact evidence about the history of swing rides. However, it is no doubt that swing rides have close connections with carousel rides. And these two classic family rides are the staple attractions in theme and amusement parks all over the world with long history.

Names of Carnival Swing Rides

As mentioned in the first paragraph, there are many names available for the swing rides. For example, swing rides can be called as flying chairs, wave swingers, swingers, swing carousels, yo-yo, chair-o-plane, chain plane, swing towers, and so on. Although there are many names, they all refer to the spinning circular motion of chairs suspended from metal top structure. The differences lie in that columns of some can raise up and down, the tops can tilt while move around, and for the swing towers, the central axials can be very high.

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Types of Swing Ride

In simpler classifications, there are three kinds of chair swing rides. The first is the simple swing ride with a central column, a stationary top from which several chairs hanged on. The second is the more complex and more luxurious one, with tilted top and column that can raise up and down. The third on the swing tower with high column, and do the swing motion in circles after chairs climb to the top of the tower.

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Except for the above classification, there are many different types of swing rides available in Beston group according to the sizes, designs, application venues, and so on.

Kiddie flying chair rides: As the name implies, these are swing rides specially designed for kids. To attract the attention of children, kids spinning chair swing rides are often decorated with colorful characters, bright lights. Besides, to ensure the safety of kids, these mini flying chair rides are often of limited heights with children-friendly speeds.

Carnival swing rides: swing rides are often found in carnivals, be simple or luxurious ones. Of course of all kinds swing rides, portable flying chair rides are most suitable for carnivals, with easy transportation as well as easy assemble and dismantle.

Swing towers: swing tower can be seen as a special swing ride, combining with a watchtower. Usually, the ride will raise to the top of the tower before the chairs begin to spin around the central axils.

Swing carousel rides: swing carousel rides resemble carousel in greater way with a similar top. And the tops are often beautifully decorated to fit in the surroundings of your parks. However, what makes the swing carousel unique is that while the suspended chairs on the top begin to rotate in a circle, the top of the swing carousel will tilt in a certain angle, which add another wave motion to the swing ride. And it is how the name “wave swinger” comes from. What’s more, there are often multiple layers of chairs on different circles with different chains. So when the ride begins, it seems gorgeous with dozens of flying chairs.

Spinning swing rides for malls: nowadays, malls around the world have become one of the primary dentations families go on weekends, for malls are not only shopping paradise for adults but also playgrounds for children. So as a popular amusement ride, flying chair swing ride finds its way in malls around the world.

Watermelon flying chair rides: as the name implies, this kind of swing ride features watermelon shaped chairs and bright fruit decorations on the top of the ride. So it seems like a fruit themed playground. With these beautiful decorations, watermelon flying chair rides can attract great attention of kids as well as their parents.

Park flying chair rides with different sizes and different capacity. Except for the above mentioned ones, flying chair rides also can be classified according to their capacity. As a professional manufacturer of swing rides, Beston provides swing rides with various sizes, holding 4 to 36 persons.

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Beston Reliable Swing Rides Manufacturer

Beston group is a top manufacturer and supplier of amusement park rides in China. With qualification as well as rich experience, Beston is able to design and produce a variety of theme park rides with high quality and reasonable prices. Beston group is a serious player in amusement rides businesses worldwide. And we pay great attention to the quality of materials as well as the safety of our fairground rides, be thrill rides, kiddie rides, or family rides. As for the swing ride, it is one of the most popular amusement rides in Beston group and we have exported many kinds of swing rides, from kiddie flying chair rides to swing tower rides, to customers all over the world. All these successes are due to the commitments of high quality as well as reasonable prices in Beston group. Since there is no doubt to the fact that swing rides are very popular among kids and families, you can never go wrong with chair swing rides. So if you want the perfect swing rides for your parks, please contact Beston group now!

Outstanding Features of Beston Swing Rides

  1. Swing ride structure: be the simple ones or the luxury ones, Beston swing rides are built with high quality galvanized steel rotating structure.
  2. Swing rides seats: seats of swing rides are often made of fiberglass reinforced plastics with strong steel structures. What’s more, there is horizontal bar and safety belt to protect riders. And each seat is suspended by four stainless steel chains.
  3. Safety: safety is always first. To ensure the safety, Beston swing rides are made of high quality materials such as robust steels, qualified motors, responsive and advanced control systems.
  4. Customer flying chair rides. Although there are many chair swing rides available for you, Beston group wants to offer you the unique one for your theme or amusement park. So Beston will customize the flying chair rides to fit into the circumstances of your parks in design, decorations and so on.
  5. Attractive appearances. Beston swing rides are coated with bright and beautiful decorations, such as animation characters for kids flying chair rides, gorgeous decorative scenes for your wave swingers. Besides, brilliant light packages are also available for your wave swingers. All these are done to attract riders of all ages as well as to fit into the themes of your parks or other venues.
  6. Other choices. To make your swingers operate safely, there are also other parts you should consider. And Beston can offer all you what. For example, there are aluminum platform with steps, galvanized steel fencing around the ride and operator’s booth with style to match theming of the ride.

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Tips for Riding Swing Rides

  1. Observe and follow the instructions. First and foremost, read the riding instructions or follow the instructions of operators.
  2. Put away your possessions in case they will fall off and hit people on grounds.
  3. Height requirements. For different chair swing rides, there are different height requirements for kids. And small kids should not allow to ride by themselves.
  4. For those who may feel sick because of dizziness, they should not allow to ride the swing ride.
  5. As for people who are afraid of height, they should think twice before going on a swing tower ride.