Kids Swing Chair Rides for Sale

Kids swing chair rides for sale cheap in Beston group! Kids love riding swing rides, and you can tell that from the smiles on their faces. Maybe the forces of swing rides give children the sensation that they were flying in the sky. Kids like flying high and that’s why all love sitting on the shoulders of their dad or being thrown high in the air. Besides, with colorful decorations and designs, kids swing chair rides can always catch the attentions of kids. So if you run a mall, or theme park, you must have a kids flying swing ride for your young riders. And to be sure, your children flying swing ride will be the hub of children and their parents. Are you looking for reliable manufacturer of kids mini swinger? Beston group is your best choice with qualification and rich experience.

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Beston Mini Swing Rides for Kids

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Beston Mickey Mouse Flying Chair for Kids

Buy Different types of Beston Kids Swing Chair Rides in Beston!

Low Price Kids Swing Chair Rides

Due to the small footprints and small dimensions, kids flying chair rides often are cheaper than the grand and luxury swing carousel rides. However, cheap prices do not mean low quality in Beston group. On the contrary, Beston children mini swing rides are of high quality just like the other swing rides in Beston. For safety always comes first. For Beston kids flying chair rides, they are built of top quality steel structures, stainless steel chains, fiberglass reinforced plastic chairs, bright colors. In addition, the speed of the kids swing chair ride is kids-friendly and the chairs are equipped with safety belts. As for the motors, they can power the children mini swinger for long time safely. What’s more, equipped with muffler, you cannot hear loud noises, so you can operate your kids mini swinger indoor, such as malls, indoor theme parks, and playgrounds.

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Watermelon Flying Chair Ride for Sale

Watermelon flying chair ride for sale cheap in Beston. Watermelon flying chair ride, also known as fruit flying chair ride, is a popular kids swing ride with novel designs. The minute you see the ride, you will know immediately why ...
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Flying Chair Swing Ride for Sale

Customized flying chair swing ride for sale in Beston group. Flying chair swing ride is also called flying chair and flying swing ride. And this name is absolutely suitable for the ride features chairs as passenger seats, and their chairs ...
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Kids Rides Mini Swinger Manufacturer

Beston group specializes in making various kiddie rides, from small carousels to mini bumper cars. For we know well that kids are fond of various amusement rides with novel designs, attractive appearances. As for the kids swing chair rides, as usual, we make them with top quality materials, attractive features to ensure the fun and safety of young riders.

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Beston Small Swing Rides for Malls

Model: BKSW-20A
Capacity: 20 persons
Turntable Diameter: 4m
Height: 4m
Power: 15 kw
Voltage: 380 v
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Outstanding Features of Children Flying Chair Ride

  1. Novel designs. Kids are often attracted to new things. To meet these needs, Beston kids flying chair rides are made with different styles, such as watermelon chair swing ride, mushroom flying chair, ocean themed mini swinger, or snow white themes mini chair swing ride.
  2. Bright paintings. With quality materials, the paintings on Beston children mini chair swing rides are bright enough to attract children’s attention. Besides, the paintings can last long time with erosion or fading.
  3. Brilliant lights. Beston children mini swinger is equipped with brilliant light package, making them more attractive.
  4. Music. Music is an indispensable part of Beston kids swing chair ride. With other sensory feelings, such as paintings, lights, music can also attract children’s attention.
  5. Small footprints. Due to the compact dimensions, kids flying chair rides can be installed, transported easily. Besides, they are suitable for many venues, such as family entertainment centers, indoors and outdoors, malls, playgrounds, theme and amusement parks.

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